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Picture of the situation before our project started - Photo: KNH LU

Malawi: Clean water and hygiene 

Children and families need clean water and soap within easy reach to protect themselves from diseases. This is not a matter of fact in Malawi. Half of the approximately 20 million inhabitants in Malawi have no direct access to clean drinking water or toilets. 

Before our project began, people in the Mzimba district used unsafe water sources, which were often far away. None of the schools in the district used to have adequate and clean toilets. Children were using unsafe water that was also used by animals, creating the risk that children might contract infectious diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery and cholera. In the past, parents refrained from sending their children to school for fear of infection. Since supplying water is the task of women, they often had to travel long distances to obtain it. As a result, girls often lacked time and energy for school.

This is how we help:

Clean drinking water improves health & concentration

Our project is implemented in 40 communities of the Mzimba district. 20 boreholes are drilled and 20 wells with hand pumps are implemented close to education facilities within the project area to improve the supply of clean water. To ensure that these boreholes are functional in the long term, Water Point Committees have been trained so that once a borehole develops a fault, the knowledge is available in each community to have it repaired.


Most of the existing sanitary facilities of the public schools in Mzimba district were inadequate in number and condition, for example because doors are missing. Therefore we provide new sanitation facilities with hand washing facilities for 26 public schools. The Malawian Ministry of Education provides soap to the schools. 

Pupils and teachers are involved in health care, so-called wash clubs provide education, raise awareness and ensure appropriate measures to improve hygiene in schools. Awareness-raising activities provide education about the risks of poor hygiene. The community is also mobilised to support the project. Mothers are trained in the production of reusable menstrual hygiene pads. These pads are made out of cloth and can be washed in order to be reused so girls don’t have to remain absent from school during their menstruation period. 

Please support us!

  • 32 € will enable 30 children to have access to sanitary facilities at their schools.
  • 55 € enables 10 girls to be equipped with reusable sanitary pads.
  • 15 € per month is enough to support the project permanently through a project sponsorship.

Regular school attendance, better grades:
For the children, the new, hygienic environment is a benefit; they no longer get ill as often and can attend lessons regularly.

Project: 62294

Become a sponsor of the project: You can support this project permanently by sponsoring it for € 15 per month.

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