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Vocational training for disadvantaged young people in Malawi

Malawi: vocational training gets young people off the streets and gives them a future

Mzuzu City in Malawi, Africa: our project is supporting 850 disadvantaged young people, for example street children, AIDS orphans and young people with disabilities or from poor families. The girls and boys receive vocational training, for example as hairdressers, tailors or carpenters. This enables them to stand on their own two feet and provide for themselves in the long term.

Living in extreme poverty makes education difficult

At 70 percent, poverty is rife in Mzuzu and its townships: many children attend school only irregularly or cannot complete their schooling or vocational training because they have to work in the fields or in the household to contribute to their family’s income.

In addition, Malawi is still severely affected by HIV/AIDS. Almost one third of adolescents are considered orphaned or in need of protection. These children have to take responsibility for their siblings at an early age and therefore often give up their own education.

Just over half of children in Malawi manage to complete primary school. Less than 20 percent of these children are then able to complete secondary school. Young people with disabilities are often completely excluded because schools are not equipped appropriately.

In addition, many young people are exposed to other problems such as domestic violence or addictions afflicting their parents and are thus socially excluded. Due to the lack of employment and income opportunities, the risk of becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol or slipping into crime or prostitution is high. 

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Our vocational training gives young people the opportunity to stand on their own two feet and provide for themselves in the long term. Trainees with domestic problems also receive psycosocial support.

Our project

We are training 850 needy girls and boys (street children, orphans, children with disabilities) in a profession so that they can subsequently find employment or earn their own living as self-employed persons.

Depending on their interests, we offer various 2-year training courses: carpentry, bricklaying, tailoring, home economics or horticulture.

In addition, we offer 6-month apprenticeships in the townships: hairdressing, tiling, welding, carpentry, bricklaying and bicycle and motorbike repair.

The young people receive a warm meal every day. The project is carried out in cooperation with local enterprises, which offer the young people a 3-month internship. In addition, the young people receive literacy courses as well as training in business basics and life skills.

At the end of the training, the young people receive a diploma that is recognised and certified by the state vocational training authority TEVETA. We provide start-up tools for entrepreneurs and help them apply for loans.

Please support us!

Please support our project now to empower children and young people in Malawi:

  • € 33 will be enough to buy scissors and combs for the hairdressing course.

  • € 48 will finance the psychosocial care of a trainee with domestic problems.

  • € 108 will enable the purchase of start-up tools for two young people. 

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Become a sponsor of the project: You can support this project permanently by sponsoring it for € 15 per month.

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