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Roca Grande Brazil (Picture: Stefanie Feuersinger)

Become a sponsor and make an impact

When you become the sponsor of a child or a project, you support the children’s right to protection and  security and enable him or her to get the necessary resources and even provide them with an education.

Through frequent project reports you will be kept up to date about what your help resulted in. Because it’s thanks to you that we are able to conduct our projects!

In addition to that, becoming a sponsor of a child is a great way to get to know foreign cultures and countries.

Become a sponsor of a child

The sponsorship of a child brings the possibility to learn to know a child by name, and to learn something about his or her origins, family and situation. You will receive periodic progress reports, and letters from the child who naturally will look forward to hearing from you in return.

This type of sponsorship costs € 31,00 per child a month and supports the child directly, as well as the community in which it lives.

Become a project sponsor

It is also possible to help sponsor specific projects of the Kindernothilfe. As a project sponsor you will be part of a group actively engaged in, for example, abolishing abuse or child labour. You will be informed of where your money is going, what the project is achieving and the related costs.

This type of sponsorship costs € 15,00 a month and supports a specific project.

If you are interested in a sponsorship of a child or a project sponsorship, please contact:

Kristine Weyland
Tel: 2704-8777

We are happy to provide you a proposition and send you more information.


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